First Weekend in August

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

Mine started off with a Friday evening mountain bike ride with Rob at South Cottonwood. The weather was perfect and we only saw a few other people out on the trail. If you are unfamiliar with this trail, please note that there are a few points where you need to cross the creek. Each creek crossing has a big log set up so you can walk across with your bike but obviously Rob had to try to go straight through the creek.

Rob crossing the creek

Rob crossing the creek

Rob got this video of me going through a puddle.

Here we are a little muddy post-ride.

South Cottonwood

South Cottonwood

On Saturday, Rob and I headed up to Fairy Lake with a paddle board and a kayak. It was a gorgeous day, despite some crazy wind.

Rob SUPing

Rob SUPing

I took a more casual approach with the SUPing and sat down with a Montucky obviously.

Sit down paddle boarding

Sit down paddle boarding

They also have an awesome rope swing at Fairy Lake! Check out this video of my jump.

When we got back from the lake, Rob took me out on his bike. We took a nice little ride up to Bridger. It was so much fun!

Out on Rob's bike

Out on Rob’s bike

I was up bright at early on Sunday to head into Yellowstone with Chris and Heather. We went to the Lake area and rented a boat.

Beautiful day in Yellowstone

Beautiful day in Yellowstone

Rowing was much harder than it looked!

Out on the lake with Heather

Out on the lake with Heather

It was a great day but definitely a lot of driving! The whole trip was just over 300 miles.

I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to climb this weekend but Gretchen and I are heading to the pass tonight. Pluuuus we are expecting some fun visitors this week and I expect that we will be doing plenty of climbing!


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