4th of July Weekend

Unfortunately I didn’t have a 4 day weekend like everyone else in America because I work in the wonderful world of seasonal employment and YGS tends to be quite busy in July. I made the best of working on Thursday by wearing my amazing homemade American flag jorts as pictured below.

Patriotic jorts

Patriotic jorts

After working for a few hours, Scott and Aaron picked me up to go fly fishing. I didn’t catch any fish but it was still a lot of fun and it was a beautiful day to be out on the river.

After fishing, we met up with the rest of the crew at the Madison River for some floating.

4th of July floating

4th of July floating

I was very upset to find out that my tube from last year had a hole in it so I had to share flotation devices with Scott and Gretchen.

Scott and I floating down the Madison

Scott and I floating down the Madison

At one point Gretchen, Aaron and I were all sharing a float…

Yes, we brought a flag with us on the river

Yes, we brought a flag with us on the river

I was pretty drained from all of the sun after floating but we rallied and got changed to head down to Music on Main. I guess it wasn’t all that eventful because I didn’t take any photos.

I worked on Friday so nothing fun to report.

Gretchen and I went climbing at the pass on Saturday morning. We saw these mountain sheep on the way up.

mountain sheep

mountain sheep

Gretchen totally sent it on Saturday and led 2 5.10 Cs. We will be climbing a lot the next two months because we have a very exciting climbing trip coming up in September. I will probably write a separate post about the trip once we start doing some more planning.

climbing at the pass

climbing at the pass

On Sunday, Elizabeth, Jennie Lynn and I went mountain biking at Bracket Creek. When we left to head up to the trail, it was drizzling and the weather was not looking great, but it turned out to be a lovely afternoon and we had a great time!


It was a beautiful ride and there were wildflowers everywhere! I am constantly reminded of why I love Montana so much.

I hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend!

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