A Day In The Life

Here’s a sneak peak into my exciting life for those of you who are interested.

5:45am – Alarm goes off. I turn the alarm off and lay in bed checking texts, emails for a few minutes. Brush my teeth and take a quick shower. Then the multitasking begins. Brush my hair, throw on some make up, start getting lunch together and pack bag for the day. Today is a bike to work day so the bag includes my work clothes, my swim suit, goggles, swim cap and towel for swim practice and a few odds and ends like keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc.

6:30am – Make breakfast. I usually have one egg and one egg white topped with sriracha but this morning I decided to make super easy banana pancakes. I hate the texture of bananas but I like to eat them on swim days to avoid leg/foot cramps so sneaking them into pancakes works for me. I take one small banana, one egg, one white, about a tablespoon of coconut flour and a bunch of cinnamon and mash them all together. Cook over medium heat for a few minutes on each side. I finished packing my lunch and double checked my bag before heading out on my bike.

7:15am – Biking to work was fairly uneventful. Crossing Huffine, which is Bozeman’s biggest “highway”, is always a little scary but I’m careful and I always wear bright yellow reflective gear on my rides.

HR department participating in the Commute To Work Challenge

HR department participating in the Commute To Work Challenge

7:45am – Get to the office, get changed, and get some water. Within the first hour of work 3 people complimented me on my dress. Little do they know that I was basically forced to wear a dress as a direct result of being too lazy to do laundry the past few weeks.

8:00am – Work, work, work. At some point in the morning, I make some tea and eat an apple. I also water Kevin, my beautiful plant that my friend Aaron gave me.



12:30pm – Take a quick break for lunch and post this super cute pic of Gretchen and I on instagram. How cute are we?

Too cute

Too cute

5:15pm – Get changed into bike clothes and head towards the swim center. Take a slight detour to Rosaurs (local grocery store) to grab a cliff bar before practice.

6:15pm – Swim practice. Thursday nights are usually long distance free but we ended up doing the Tuesday workout which was sprints…fun.

7:45pm – Shower, bike home, unpack my bag, make dinner. I threw on my current favorite hat (thanks Chris!) and went to meet up with Scott.

I have been wearing this hat every chance I get since it was gifted to me on Saturday. Here is a cute pic of Heather and I from our co-worker’s bridal shower on Saturday. Yes I wore the hat at the bridal shower.

Favorite hat

Favorite hat

If you kept track, I got changed 6 times yesterday. So. Much. Laundry.

Well that was my fun and productive Thursday. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 🙂

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