Another Fun Weekend And A Plaz Wallet Giveaway

Hello there! Once again, life has gotten in the way of blogging. I actually typed (most of) this post on April 18th but forgot to publish it – oops!

I was planning on doing a full recap of the weekend but my camera randomly broke last week and I didn’t get too many pictures so here is the shortened version.

Scott and I headed to Missoula on Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful day and as soon as we got there we headed downtown on our bikes to grab some dinner. We crashed pretty early because we were planning on waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning to do some mountain biking. This was my first experience with mountain biking and it was TOUGH. Definitely a lot of fun though!

Summit of the Sentinel in Missoula

Summit of the Sentinel in Missoula

Post-mountain biking, we got to watch Heather kick some ass in the CrossFit Emergence Downtown Throwdown. Then we met up with Scott’s friend Allen and did some rafting down the Blackfoot River. At least I think it was the Blackfoot… Either way it was a great time. We headed back to Bozeman on Sunday morning and I met up with Gretchen for a lovely (and very windy) 30 mile bike ride. It was definitely a super fun weekend!

Road biking with Gretchen

Road biking with Gretchen

Anywayyyyyy, Moving on to the original purpose of this post. I’m thinking that I must be really lucky lately because I won Just a Colorado Gal’s Sweet Relish Giveaway a few weeks ago and I won Girl Meets Life’s Naturebox giveaway last week. Exciting stuff.

I’ve decided to spread the love by hosting my own giveaway. I have a beautiful Satin Black Plaz Wallet up for grabs.

Plaz Wallet

Plaz Wallet

I absolutely love my yellow Plaz Wallet!

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment on this post with what you did last weekend! I will randomly select a winner on Wednesday, May 8th.

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