Packing progress

I finally started packing! On Friday I did some organizing but I was having a really hard time actually putting anything into a box. What if I need my wok at some point within the next week?! I really buckled down today, though.



We had freakishly warm temps (mid forties) here in Bozeman yesterday so instead of packing I decided to go on a bike ride followed by a run with Heather. I set out for 20ish miles on my bike but I didn’t layer properly and I was freezing so I decided to stop after about 10 miles.

I wish I had taken a photo of my running outfit on Saturday because I got quite a few comments (compliments?) on it. My friend Chris told me I looked like a bag of skittles and a sales associate at Bed, Bath & Beyond told me I looked “snazzy”. My sneakers are pretty bright and multi-colored to begin with plus I was wearing my neon yellow pro compression socks, a pink long sleeve top and a purple and neon green running jacket. It was quite the get-up. Anyway, Heather and I had a great run and we finished just over 6 miles. Apparently I exerted a lot of energy because I fell asleep for 2 hours as soon as I got out of the shower and I never usually take naps.

I decided to take it easy on Saturday night because I had to be up early on Sunday morning to teach a swim lesson at The Ridge. The lesson went really well and I stayed to swim a few laps when we were finished.

So that’s my exciting weekend. I think I’ll just continue to live vicariously through last weekend’s festivities. Here are a few awesome pics that my friend ,Alex, took last weekend! She’s basically the most talented photographer in the world.

sunday funday

sunday funday

just a little excited to zip

just a little excited to zip

getting ready to go

getting ready to go

Any my personal favorite that Elizabeth captured…

"The pass off"

“The pass off”

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