Successful Weekend

I just realized that the title of this post may a little be misleading. Successful may insinuate that I A. found a place to live B. purchased furniture or C. started packing. Unfortunately I did not do any of those things this weekend; however it was still a fun weekend which is why I’m considering it successful.

Normally I kick my weekends off on Friday night with CrossFit but Heather was traveling on Friday so we decided to go to CrossFit on Saturday morning instead. We did a fun partner WOD called “Partner Up”. It included about a zillion reps of Wall Ball, KB swings, Push Press, K2E and step ups. You get to rest while your partner is working though which is pretty awesome. We obviously had the best team name – Ninjas.

Heather doing some step ups

Heather doing some step ups

Later on Saturday afternoon, Heather and I headed down to MSU to get our body fat tested with the BOD POD. It was such a quick and easy process. You give them your height, get weighed, hop in the BOD POD, sit completely still for two minutes and they print out your results.

Hanging out in the BOD POD

Hanging out in the BOD POD

The results include your body fat %, fat mass in pounds, body volume and density. The results also include your body fat rating. Here is what the rating table looks like:

Risky (high) > 40%

Excess Fat 30.1 – 40%

Moderately Lean 22.1 – 30%

Lean 18.1 – 22%

Ultra Lean 15. – 18%

Risky (low) < 15%

At 23%, I fell into the Moderately Lean category. The explanation states "fat level is generally acceptable for good health" so I was happy to hear that.

On Sunday, I had super fun plans to go ice climbing with my friend Scott, at Hyalite Canyon. Scott is a ninja climber so he was extremely helpful and showed me how to use crampons and all of the tools. I was a little nervous about being cold but I did a great job layering and I didn’t get cold at all. I wore the UA Base 4.0 Crew, Sherpa Priya Pullover, Patagonia Nano Puff, a Mountain Hardwear waterproof shell and my Lole Nicky Jacket (for belaying only).

Third ascent of the day

Third ascent of the day

Scott cleaning the route

Scott cleaning the route

I had a lot of fun so hopefully I will get out a few more times before the end of the season.

I hope everyone else had a successful weekend! Happy Monday 🙂

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