Juice cleansing

So after doing quite a bit of indulging in Taiwan, I decided to do a juice cleanse. Some of the many benefits of juicing include: better absorption of the nutrients in fruits/vegetables, increased energy levels, ridding the body of toxins, improvements in sleep and strengthened immunity.

I’m planning on doing the cleanse for 2.5 days. I’m only doing a half day on Friday because you are supposed to reduce your activity level during juice cleanses and I want to go to CrossFit after work.

The goods:

beets, carrots, cucumber, kale, celery, apples, pears, oranges, mint, ginger, strawberries, cantaloupe

beets, carrots, cucumber, kale, celery, apples, pears, oranges, mint, ginger, strawberries, cantaloupe

Here are my tips for a successful juice cleanse.

1. Be prepared. Get enough veggies/fruits to last the duration of your cleanse. Trust me – you will not want to go to the grocery store a few days into your cleanse.

2. Chop your fruits/veggies ahead of time (and try not to cut any fingers off). I usually chop everything up and throw the fruits in one bowl and the veggies in another. I typically wait until I’m ready to use the apples/pears to cut them up because they will turn brown if they sit out.


3. Clean the juicer immediately after using it. Juicers usually have approximately 97 pieces to them so they are kind of a pain to clean but I’ve found that I am way more likely to use my juicer if it’s clean and ready to be used.

4. Drink a lot of water with lemon and (non-caffeinated) tea. Yogi makes some great detox specific teas.

favorite mug

favorite mug

5. Try to avoid temptation. The only food that’s currently in my house is a bunch of fruits/veggies so even if I wanted to stray from the cleanse it’s not like I’d be chowing down on pizza and chips. I would definitely try to avoid restaurants/grocery stores if at all possible.

6. Include green veggies in all juices and try different combinations of fruits/vegetables. There are plenty of juice recipes out there but I usually just throw a bunch of different things in the juicer and hope that it turns out ok. (It always does!)

7. Drink your juice out of a boot. Just kidding, but I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys drinking out of a boot!

juice in a boot

juice in a boot

Happy cleansing!

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