Fun weekend

I kind of had a stressful/crazy week so I was super excited for the weekend, especially because I had a bunch of fun things planned. I started my weekend off with a fun Friday night CrossFit class. I increased my weight from #15 to #20 on my OH walking lunges and I’m hoping to get to the RX #25 within the next few weeks.

On Saturday, Heather and I went to a yoga inversions workshop at The Ridge with our favorite yoga instructor, Gena. We warmed up with a vinyasa flow for the first hour then we started getting into our inversions. Our first inversion was a headstand. Heather made it look easy but it was tricky! I kept flipping over and landing in bridge pose. Finally, after a few tries I was able to get into the headstand without flipping over.

Heather's beautiful headstand

Heather’s beautiful headstand

Getting some assistance with my headstand

Getting some assistance with my headstand

After our headstands, we got into handstands and plow pose. It was a great workshop and I definitely learned a lot. Heather and I went on a post-yoga 2 mile run but neither of us were really feeling it. On Wednesday night, we ran before yoga and we both agreed that a pre-yoga run is way more strategic.

After our run I was putting my car key back on my key holder and I somehow managed to split my fingernail which was both painful and disgusting. I also managed to slice my hand open with a butter knife on Tuesday and cut my finger with a really sharp knife on Saturday night. I’d like to think I’m “accident prone” but really I am just extremely clumsy.

Butter knife wound.  At least my nails were painted.

Butter knife wound. At least my nails were painted.

I was up bright and early on Sunday morning for some ice hockey. My friend Ashley organized a game against the team she coaches and they were awesome. I forget what the score was but they definitely beat us.

Ashley and I getting ready for the game

Ashley and I getting ready for the game

Action shot.  Blurry because I'm skating so fast.

Action shot. Blurry because I’m skating so fast.

After hockey, I came home and got ready to head out on a snowshoeing adventure with Heather. We headed up to Hyalite canyon to hike the Palisade Falls trail. I actually hiked this trail with my mom in September which was a lot of fun. I was a little worried about getting cold but Heather and I were actually getting hot from wearing so many layers and exerting so much energy. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.

Palisade Falls

Palisade Falls

Snowshoeing with Heather

Snowshoeing with Heather

11 thoughts on “Fun weekend

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  3. Accident prone?! I could have told you that you were just clumsy 9 years ago! (I seem to remember a stiletto and stairs incident…)

    I’ve said it before, but it will hold true… so jealous of your life! Glad you had a fun weekend 🙂

  4. Way to go on the headstand! I love yoga, so good for the mind, body, and soul! Glad to see you enjoy it too!

    Ouch to the boo boo, but can I say I love your nail color 🙂

    Happy week to you!

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